Danzantes del Puerto

Grupo Folklorico de Las Vegas,nv

Danzantes del Puerto - Las Vegas


    Mission Statement

  We strive to enrich the community and our youth with their Heritage, through the Art of Folklorico Dancing. We create a united bond between one another, which creates the confidence and pride needed to make sure that our traditions live on.


Los Danzantes del Puerto originated in Stockton, Ca. It was ongoing for well over 25 years.  We were one of the oldest troupes,  originally Directed by Esperanza Ramierz until 2001 when she passed the troupe on to her Assistant Director Marie Silva. We kept it going strong, until we relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2019. I decided in 2022 a big part of my heart was missing, my dance family. I have started a mission to bring my knowledge of dancing & performing here to the community of Las Vegas. We have proudly grown to 17 students. I have devoted my life into this wonderful art  teaching numerous students over the years young and old and will continue to do so. Always expanding my knowledge, I am proud to have created for our Danzantes so many opportunities and memories that will never be forgotten. I have my heart and soul into this group and wouldn't change it for anything in the world.