Danzantes del Puerto

Grupo Folklorico de Las Vegas,nv

 Las Vegas World Folk Festival & Competition 2012 - 1st Place Duo...Baja California ...2nd Place...Guererro Group...2nd Place Michocan Duo...3rd Place...Nayarit Trio...3rd Place...Chihuahua Group..3rd Place Nayrit Duo...

1st Place - Stockton's Apollo Night 2012 & 2013 - Culutral Category

Las Vegas World Folk Festival & Competition 2011 - 2nd Place Duo..Veracruz  2nd Place solo...Jalisco  3rd Place Trio...Michocan  3rd Place solo...Jalisco  3rd Place... Baja California Duo


Performance for The Movie La Missison w/ Benjamin Bratt

Modesto State Theatre


Disneyland Perfomances 2008 , 2009 & 2010

Disney's California Adventure - September 2012 & 2018

Audition for Linda Ronstadt

 L.D.D.P & Linda Ronstadt

World Folk Festival 2009 - 1st Place Jalisco..2nd Place Baja California..3rd Place Nayarit

World Folk Festival 2008 - 1st Place Jalisco..1st Place Sinaloa..2nd Place Baja California..2nd Place Nayarit

Stockton Cinco De Mayo Parade 1st & 2nd Place Winners 2007-2009

Cover of Stockton's 209 Vibe


We are proud of each and every performance, no matter how big or small.

These are just a few that we will never forget....